Rickie Bradford Becomes New Youth Minister

You are looking at the New Youth Minister of Kingdom Builders World Wide. Minister Rickie Bradford Jr. along with my spiritual mother @prophetessruthmartey senior pastor. I had been in a state of brokenness loneliness and homelessness right in front of you guys face for about a month now. But I was faithful and leaned completely on God and he place all the right folks in my path to keep me lined in His will. And now to be elevated in the middle of it all is amazing. I can learn so much here and also have a daily opportunity to sew into our youth. Also help to build a very healthy ministry. Our grand opening is soon. I'm ready Lord. Clean me up and use me accordingly. #youthpastor #youthministry#IICrunk4Jesus #rickiebradfordministries #BiggerThanMe

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